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A little more about us at Bludiamonds.....

Welcome...  In to our world of Raggies

Over the past few years we have attended 2 of The British Ragdoll Cat Club Seminars, which is highly informative and promotes the well being for this special breed. We are registered breeders of The British Ragdoll Cat Club (T.B.R.C.C).

In January 2015 we have celebrated our 3rd anniversary with being registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (G.C.C.F). We regularly attend and show our cats and kittens at the various shows around the country.

We realise that this is such a lovely breed of cat we would like to work towards preserving them for years to come. With our ragdoll breeding program we only have a couple of litters a year. We have the aim to breed for health, temperament, standard of type and of course happy cute bundles of fun.  

Our cats have different pedigree lines, allowing us to create a wider gene pool and diversity to my breeding programs. They have traceable pedigrees and all kittens have 5 generations of pedigree lines.


All our cats and kittens are registered are purebred ragdolls and are all registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (G.C.C.F)


We also think it’s an important decision in choosing the right owners for each of our kittens. We ask all our future kitten owners to sign a contract, which covers a variety of assurances for the future of the kitten/cat.

We love our Raggies and they are very much part of the family, this is why we take great care in choosing our new additions! Each of them have their own unique personality, which comes through from a very early age.

Each of our kittens are instantly given lots of love and attention from mum. (but not to forget all of us too) Each of our kittens is nurtured in our own busy home and are used to the everyday bustle.


We invest a lot of time and love in each of our kittens, to make sure we know them very well. The reason we do this is to help them build a happy relaxed attitude towards other kittens/cats as well as humans.